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What inclusion and diversity means to us

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Inclusion means we cherish, respect and welcome each other. It is an attitude of admiring and appreciating the innumerable personal differences that make us all peerless while also focusing on what links us and makes us alike.


Diversity┬ámeans more than race, sex or physical attributes. It is also cultural contrasts, lifestyle, age, circumstances and more – it is the deep social and personal distinguishing characteristics that make us unique and differentiates our work.


At Southwood, our dedication to an inclusive environment includes widening the supplier base from whom we provide services. Southwood is devoted to partnering with diverse suppliers to help us in always providing value to its clients. Supplier diversity grants us a marked position of power in which to support our clients and perform in the markets we operate.

The aim of the Southwood Supplier Diversity Program is to evolve and continue an inclusive supply base through our dedication to the detection and evolution of diverse suppliers. We are dedicated to ensuring that our supplier base reflects the diversity of our clients, agents and the communities in which we function.